Chapter Eight


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Dodgeball is an American-invented sport, mainly played in elementary schools. It was invented in 1922, and was, until recently always considered to be a children's schoolyard sport.
It is played with one or more rubber balls (traditionally red), and the idea of the game is to eliminate everyone else, by hitting them with the ball. Generally it is unnaceptable to hit above the shoulders.

Recently dodgeball has endured a re-awakening, due to the movie "Dodgeball: An Underdog Story".
The movie is a comedy starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn.

Here is a clip from the movie. The following clip is fictional and does not represent the views of any of the members of Glengarrypedia.

National Geographic

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"National Geographic -
photos, videos, daily news stories, maps, world music, travel."

National Geographic is a magazine. There are around 400 issues released and there are plenty more to come. This magazine isn't about gossip or sports it is about Nature and Culture and Buildings. It has to do with types of geography from Physical to cultural geography. This magazine is great for all ages it can help you with your project or it can help you if you just want to read something. This magazine talks about a wide variety of things. Most people think that is all about animals but it is about so much more.By: Jai Sadhwani

Expo 67

"Expo 67 -
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The 1967 International and Universal Exposition is the proper name but for short it is expo 67. It was a worldwide fair held in Montreal Canada in 1967. This is where 67 came from. This idea was first given to Event_expo_67_poster_1990-552-1.jpgToronto but the mayor refused. When it was offered to Montreal the mayor Sarto Fournier quickly accepted. The first day of the fair it was estimated that 120,000 people would come but they were in for a surprise, more than 300,000 people arrived.

The logo was designed by Montreal artist Julien Hébert. If you look at the circle it represents friendship it looks like a couple of people in a circle holding hands.By: Jai Sadhwani


Music from Chapter Eight

-Michelle.external image michelle.jpg

Michelle is a song that was released by The Beatles in their album Rubber Soul, in 1965. The song is widely considered to be the first bilingual pop song. The song was originally conceived as a joke by Paul McCartney, to make fun of the French, and to amuse party-goers.

-Ma Belle Amie

This song was recorded by a Dutch pop quintet, Tee Set. It was recorded in 1969, and was released in the album ‘Dutch Treats’.

- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club
external image The-Beatles-Sgt-Peppers-Lonel-298947.jpg
The eight album recorded by the Beatles, it was recorded over a 129 day period. It was placed on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest albums list. It was released on June 1st 1967.
It is believed that the album was highly influenced by drugs, particularly marijuana. Many of the songs have obvious drug references, i.e. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, With a Little Help from Friends and When I’m Sixty-Four.

-Woodstock Music and Art Festival.

The Woodstock Music and Art Festival, or Woodstock as it is known in pop culture, was a massive external image 230px-Stamp-ctc-woodstock.gifconcert and party that spanned over a 4-day period. The concert was known for the mass use of marijuana and LSD, two well known psychedelic drugs, which were very popular at the time.