Chapter 2:

Bryan Hall:(page 18)

Bryan Hall is one of Edmonton’s favorite sports announcers. He always brings something different to football and hockey broadcasts. He is famous for his ear-piercing "scoooooooores" a classic from the Oilers fan's. Hall has announced for the Edmonton Eskimos, and Edmonton Oilers . He has broadcasted for more than 50 years. He is an entertainer that brings you the Grey Cup and the NHL. He is on the Alberta sports wall of fame and the Canadian football hall of fame, for countless entertaining broadcasts he's provided for the public. Hall is the figure behind the microphone at CJCA.

“I’m a broadcaster first, not a sportscaster," he said. "A lot of the ways I was then, most people had a very much different style. It was rip and read. My approach was that I wanted it to sound like I was in a room talking to people, saying this is how it is."

Expos: (Page 16)

Created in 1969, by Charles Bronfman, the expos Montreal became the newest team added to the Baseball league. They played their home games at Jarry Park, where fans would cheer them on. By 1979, they had come closer than ever to winning the NLEast however they lost to the Pittsburg Pirates. In 1994, the expos were uncontrollable, they finished in first place, and it was the highest mark of any season. After such a great season in 1994, the Expos lost their best players and went downhill from their. In 2004 the Expos were moved to Washington D.C. and are now known as the Nationals. The team may be no more but it is still known as one of baseball greatest teams.


Commonwealth games:(Page 17)

The commonwealth games are a multinational, and multi-cultural sporting event held every four years. Olympic Games are included as well as games played in commonwealth countries such as, netball, lawn bowls and rugby sevens. In Hamilton, Canada of 1930 the first commonwealth games were held. Only 11 countries participated. The games were known as the British Empire Games. In 1978, they games officially received their name as the “Commonwealth Games”. The games have been hosted by Canada three times since 1930.


Tetherball:(page 15)

Tetherball is an exciting game played with two opposing teams. One team hits the ball one direction, and the opposing team hits it the other direction. The object of the game is to hit the ball so the other team can’t get it. A metal pole a string and ball are the only things needed in this game as you can see in the picture below. One team is victorious when they manage to wrap the rope around the pole.


Eskimos:(page 17)

Created in 1969, the Edmonton Eskimos are a high scoring powerhouse team. They are one of the 9 teams in Canada’s national football league also known as the (C.F.L.) This team has set impressive records such as winning the Grey Cup five consecutive times (1978-1952) as well as making the playoffs for 34 consecutive years(1934-2005). The team plays their home games at the commonwealth stadium where over 40,000 eager fans cheer them on. There is no doubt this team is a threat in the C.F.L.


Beethoven:(page 17)

Born on March 17, 1770 in Bonn, Germany was a genius of music. Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. He created some of the most famous pieces we hear today. His talent was recognized at a very young age by teachers. He adored playing the piano as a child but it was in his early 20, when he moved to Vienna Austria, to study music that he began to compose. Around 1801, Beethoven began to lose his hearing. He suffered from tinnitus, which made it hard to appreciate music. Though Beethoven died in 1828 his music still lives on.


The Beatles & a Hard Day's Night:(page 19)

From Liverpool to California, the beatles are one of the most successful bands of all times. Composed of Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison, this rock group was unstoppable. They had all of the number one hits, and they sold billions of records, and tapes worldwide.

In 1964, the band made a film called A Hard Day's Night. A Hard day’s Night gives us a picture of a day in the life of the Beatles. It takes us behind the scenes where it all happens. They present a unique personality of each band member, watch the rock icons break Ringo out of jail in this hilariously funny film.