Ch. 20

Chapter 20

Tom Sawyer

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Tom Sawyer is the fictional character from the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was Mark Twain’s very first novel ever written. This character is also seen in the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by the same author. In these novels, Tom Sawyer is a young boy and who goes through many exciting adventures, as the title implies. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was turned into a movie in 1973, titled Tom Sawyer. Johnny Whitaker played the role of Tom Sawyer and Jodie Foster played the role of Becky Thatcher. This is one of many adaptations involving the character of Tom Sawyer. The novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has become an American classic.


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Milt May

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Milt May was born August 1st, 1950 in a town called Gary in Indiana.He was a Major League Baseball player for teams such as The Pittsburgh Pirates, The Houston Astros, The Detroit Tigers, The Chicago White Soxs, and The San Francisco Giants. His father,Pinky May, was also a Major League Baseball player. Milt May’s career as a baseball player lasted from 1970-1984. He is known for driving the winning run for The Pittsburgh Pirates in game four of the 1971 World Series. Throughout his career he made 77 home runs. He was made coach for the Pirates in 1987.


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The Time Tunnel

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The Time Tunnel was a science fiction/adventure television series that began in 1966. The show only lasted for one season, containing 30 episodes. The final date that the show aired was April 7th,1967. The Time Tunnel revolved around two characters that were both scientists, Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Douglas Phillips. During the course of the series, both scientists are working on a project named Tic Toc. It is a project organized by the government to complete and perfect time travel. Each episode shows the two scientists travelling to various locations by time travel. In some episodes the scientists even have encounters with pirates, Roman soldiers and aliens. The main objective for the scientists in each episode is to get back to the present day without any harm. James Darren plays the role of Dr. Tony Newman and Robert Colbert plays the role of Dr. Douglas Phillips. The show was produced by Irwin Allen and it aired on the ABC network.


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Wide World of Sports

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Abebe Bikila

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Abebe Bikila is an Ethiopian marathon runner who is most know for his two consecutive gold medal wins. He won his first gold medal in Rome at the 1960 Summer Olympics and four years later at Tokyo. He was born August 7th, 1932 but there is some dispute over the town where he was born. Wikipedia states that he was born in a city called Mout, Ethiopia but states that he was born in Jato, Ethiopia. Bikila ran the marathon at the Olympics in 1960 barefoot, a remarkable achievement. Abebe Bikila was the first African ever to win a medal at the Olympics. Six weeks before the 1964 Olympic games, Bikila had his appendix removed. This operation obviously did not hurt Bikila during his performance in Tokyo.


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