Chapter 17

Jethro Tull (page 120)

Jethro Tull is a rock band that formed in Blackpool, England in the early 1960's. Their music is distinct and unique due to its vocal styles and flute work. Their music, though starting with Blues and Rock was later incorporated with elements of Classic and Celtic Folk music. Although they were influenced by earlier groups, they quickly became known for their unique and distinguished sound. Jethro Tull went through many different eras. They began with their Blues phase which launched their career due to their chart topping jazz piece "Serenade to a Cuckoo" which complimented the groups growing talent on the flute. Later on the group began to experiment with rock; however, it was not their strong point and caused the band to slowly drift out of the public eye. Sadly, in 1997 the band decided to call it a day and broke up. Nevertheless, the groups flute soloist continued his career and began his own band called Rubbing Elbow.
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Black Sabbath(page 118)

Black Sabbath is a heavy metal band which formed in Birmingham, England. The band consists of Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, Tony Iommi at guitar, Terence Butler at the bass, and Bill Ward on the drums. Black Sabbath was created in 1968 after the song title from their previous group Earth. They came out with their first album called “Black Sabbath” on Friday 13, 1970. Their first hit single was “Paranoid” which was a last minute song that they recorded so that their album (Paranoid) would be longer; it also ended up becoming the name of the album. A few members of the band got started with hardcore drugs, and then they came out with some albums that didn’t really do so well. Ozzy ended up leaving the band in 1977, but returned a year later. In the end of Black Sabbath’s career they recorded 22 albums.
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My Fair Lady (page 116)

My Fair Lady is a theatrical production which first premiered at New Haven’s Shubert Theater on March 15, 1956. My Fair Lady ran for a record 2717 performances on Broadway. The story is about Henry Higgins an overconfident professor of phonetics, who bets a fellow linguistic teacher that he has the ability to train any woman to speak so properly that she could be passed off as a "duchess". Eliza Doolittle, a poor girl with a distinct Cockney accent, becomes his latest assignment. Throughout the play Higgins attempts to mold her into a refined elegant woman. The musical has instantly recognizable songs such as "I Could Have Danced All Night". The theatrical production has been an influence towards many popular sitcoms and Hollywood movies.
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Bob Dylan (page 116)

Bob Dylan an American singer, songwriter, musician and poet has been, and still is a major influence and leader in music for the past five decades. Much of Dylan’s best known work such as “Blowing in the Wind” became anthems of the anti-war and civil rights movement. Bob Dylan reached the peak of his career in 2001 when “Love and Theft” was released and reached top five on the charts in the US and UK. Moreover, in 2006 he released “Modern Times” which became his first album to reach the top of the charts in both the US, making him the oldest person to top the music billboard. Dylan is known world wide for his musical talents; he plays guitar, keyboard and harmonica, and has exceptional vocal skills. Many of Bob Dylan’s albums are inspired by politics, social commentary, and philosophy and literary. Bob Dylan continues to perform and is currently on tour across the United States.
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Paranoid (page 118)

Paranoid is an album released by Black Sabbath in 1970. Their last minute filler song “Paranoid” became the title of the album and their first hit. “Paranoid” is Black Sabbath’s best selling album. On Rolling Stones Magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, “Paranoid” was ranked 130th. This album also contains the song “Iron Man” which is now one of Black Sabbath’s most recognized songs and is rated number one on VH1’s “40 Greatest Metal Songs”, as well as the song “War Pigs” which protests against the Vietnam War.external image black%20sabbath%20paranoid.jpg

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Strawberry Fields (page 119)

“Strawberry Fields Forever” is the title of the 1967 Beatles smash hit. This piece has been recognized as one of the defining works of the psychedelic rock era. Although the piece was composed and written by the whole band, it is credited as a masterpiece composed solely by John Lennon. The single was released on February 13th 1967 in Britain and released four days later in the United States. The song was only supposed to be released backed with “When I’m Sixty-Four” however, they producer found it to be one of their finest songs and should therefore be released earlier. The single reached both second on both the UK and US billboard charts. Strawberry Fields remains a widely recognized Beatles smash and is still popular among adults. Furthermore, the single went on to sell over 600,000 copies and counting.
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Puff the Magic Dragon (page 121)

“Puff the Magic Dragon” is a highly praised song about a mystical dragon that gets the name Puff due to his magical breath. The song was originally written by the popular group Peter, Paul and Mary in 1963. There is much controversy surrounding the album as people believe the song refers to smoking marijuana, which caused it to later become a “hippie” anthem. However, the group argues that the song itself has nothing to do with drugs; rather it is the listeners who transformed the true meaning of the song. Moreover, the song was banned in Singapore due to its association with “drug culture”. Beginning in the late 1970, a short animated television series was created based on the song. The album Puff has sold over 2 million records and is still popular among adults and teens.external image PuffMagicDragon4.jpg

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Richard Nixon (page 122)

Richard Nixon was born on January 9, 1913. He was the 37th president of the Untied States of America, and the only one to ever resign from office. He is also the only American to ever be elected as vice-president and president twice. Nixon is well recognized for his foreign policy, the “détente” with the Soviet Union, the ending of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, and the beginning of US relations with China. Richard was also a big supporter of the Pakistani general, Yahya Khan, in the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. Nixon was also a huge factor in integrating schools. By the year 1970, two million South American children attended in integrated school districts. He was a huge part in school desegregation in history. Richard Nixon died on April 22, 1994, but his policies, initiatives, and many US actions will not be forgotten.
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Vietnam (page 122)

Vietnam (the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) is a country or nation in Southeast Asia. Its capital is Hanoi, and its neighbors are the People’s Republic of China, Laos, and Cambodia. In 1959, Vietnam was stricken by the Vietnam War, a war that began due to a military conflict between the communists of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and National Front of the Liberation of South Vietnam, against the anti-communist of the Republic of Vietnam and its allies the US. The war lasted 16 years, and it is infamous for the deaths of so many people, both Vietnamese and American soldiers. It resulted with the Peace treaty providing for U.S. disengagement in 1973, the Political defeat for the U.S. Military victory of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam over the Republic of Vietnam forces in 1975.
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Life Magazine (page 125)

“Life” is a magazine published in the United States which features interviews, essays, cartoons, and photos. At its peek Life magazine sold over an astounding 13.5 million copies a week. However, Life is now distributed as a free magazine supplement in almost all major U.S. newspapers. Life first took shape in the early 1880’s as a humor magazine, and sold throughout the 20th century. The magazine was so popular that many presidents such as Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and Douglas MacArthur have frequently posted their memoirs in its pages. Life dominated the market for over 45 years and was the first all-photography magazine in the U.S. The magazine was considered as light entertainment and attracted many of the greatest writers, editors and cartoonists of the era. The cover of Life has portrayed many famous faces such as Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more. Life magazine is a symbol of life all through the 19th and 20th century and is considered to be the most popular and successful magazine of its time.external image lifecover.jpg

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Frank Zappa (page 125)

Frank Zappa, born December 21, 1940 was an American composer, guitarist, singer, film director and satirist. Throughout his 33 year musical career, Zappa proved to be one of the most creative, intelligent and ingenious composer of his era, releasing over sixty albums, of which all consisted of unique compositions. Zappa was also a notorious electric guitarist and a producer of studio technology, who self produced all of his recordings. His music and talent spanned every contemporary musical genre and was often noted of his blend of rock music and satire. Zappa has a large and dedicated fan base throughout the United States, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom. Zappa married twice, once to Kathryn Kay who passé away after four years, and later to Adelaide Sloatman with whom he remained until death. Sadly on December 4, 1993 Frank Zappa passed away, however his legacy will forever live throughout his music.
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