Chapter 14

The Beatles and John Lennon

The Beatles was and still is the most successful and acclaimed rock band in the history of music. The band was made up of four young and talented musicians. These four musicians were: John Lennon (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and song-writer), George Harrison (lead guitar and vocals), Paul McCartney (vocals and bass guitar), and Ringo Starr (drums and vocals). The Beatles began when John and Paul met at a very young age (in Liverpool, England) and decided to start a band. A few years later Paul’s friend George (who had on occasion performed with John and Paul) joined their band as lead guitarist. Through the next couple of years, musicians joined and left the band, it was only these three who remained permanently. That is, until they met Ringo who became their permanent drummer. And the rest as we say… is history.150px-Beatles_John_Lennon_1964.jpg

Left Picture:John Lennon
Right Picture:Cover of The Beatles' album "Abey Road"

King Kong

King Kong is the name of the fictional giant ape that inhabits Skull Island. King Kong was first introduced to the world in the 1933 original film King Kong. Following the original 1933 horror-adventure version, there have been numerous version and even sequels made (the latest one being Peter Jackson’s King Kong). The original Kong character and story was written by Edgar Wallace’s (a professional film writer).

Picture of Kong Battling a giant pterosaur in the original 1933 film.

CFL and the Grey Cup

CFL stands for the Canadian Football League. The CFL has two divisions (Eastern and Western) both of which have 4 teams. In the Eastern division, we find the Montreal Alouettes, the Hamilton Tiger Cats, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and the Toronto Argonauts. In the Western division we find the BC Lions, the Calgary Stampeders, the Edmonton Eskimos, and the Sakatchewan Roughriders. Every team in the CFL vies for the Grey Cup - the Super Bowl of Canada. The Grey Cup was named after Earl Grey, the popular Governor General from 1904 to 1911. The first Grey Cup game was played in 1909 and was won by the University of Toronto. Since then, the CFL has grown immensely in popularity.external image photo3.jpg

Stampede Wrestling

Stampede Wrestling is a professional wrestling league. Stampede Wrestling was founded by Stu Hart (Stewart Edward Hart) in 1948. The league was founded in Calgary, Alberta, hence the name Stampede Wrestling. The initial purpose of the league was to entertain the Canadian soldiers during World War 2. It is also said that Stampede Wrestling was the professional wrestling promotion (legal wrestling business) that inspired WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). WWE is currently the most profitable professional wrestling promotion in the world.

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe was a famous hockey player who played from 1945 - 1980. He played for teams in the NHL (Detroit Red Wings, Hartford Whalers) and WHL (Houston Aeros, New England Whalers). He is often referred to as Mr. Hockey. He holds the NHL record for most games played with 1,767 games played. He was inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1972.
external image howe_gordie001b.jpg

Jean Beliveau

Jean Beliveau is one of the most famous hockey players to ever play for the Montreal Canadiens. He spent his entire 18 year career with the Montreal Canadiens, winning 10 Stanley Cups, and was captain for 5 of them. He retired at the end of the 70-71 season and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1972. He remains the all-time leading scorer for the Montreal Canadiens and remains the all-time leading NHL scorer in the playoffs, marking 176 points in 162 post-season games.
external image beliveau_shoots_170.jpg


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